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Kim Balson, 31st October 2012

Caffeine in coffee/tea/green tea and a very unusual coffee from Asia.


Kim Balson, 26th September 2012

When to get sun exposure.


Kim Balson, 29th August 2012

Why are lemons so good for us?



Kim Balson, 25th July 2012

Tumeric for pain relief.



Kim Balson, 27th June 2012

Low cost solutions for healthy strong bones.


Kim Balson, 30th May 2012

What chemicals are you putting into your skin?



Kim Balson, 2nd May 2012

Is Salt good or bad?



Kim Balson, 28th March 2012

Do you have a thyroid problem?



Kim Balson, 29th February 2012

Detoxing made easy.



Kim Balson, 1st February 2012

The Truth about Health Bars.


Kim Balson, 26th October 2011

An ancient spice that lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.



Kim Balson, 31th August 2011



Kim Balson, 27th July 2011

The Sunscreen Scandal (please see the extra information at the bottom of the page).



Kim Balson, 29th June 2011

Winter remedies and natural ways to lower cholesterol.



Kim Balson, 1st June 2011

Obesity and the beer belly.



Kim Balson, 27th April 2011

Why use probiotics?



Kim Balson, 30th March 2011

Avoid winter ills.



Kim Balson, 23rd Feb 2011

Signs and symptoms of body deficiencies.


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Wed 27th July.........extra information to the radio interview on 4GR on the sunscreen scandal.

1. Parabens are considered dangerous but any sunscreens with the ingredient \"benzoates\" is the same thing. It is a noxious and skin irritating preservative. Apart from the very long chemical names on most absorbing sunscreens which should NEVER be used as you are absorbing the chemicals as well as drawing UVA-UVB to the skin, the preservatives used are diazolidinol urea (found in Sun Sense Low Irritant which can release formaldehyde) and Iodopropinol butylcarbamate which can cause dermatitis. It does contain iodine !!Phenoxyethanol is banned in Japan and Europe and is still used in Australia as a preservative.

2. Only ever use a zinc oxide or pure unrefined non-microfined titanium dioxide. These DEFLECT the sun, you don\'t absorb either of these, there should be no known chemical preservatives in them. You don\'t want to absorb chemicals from your sunscreen, just wear the sunscreen. No micronised titanium dioxide as these particles are known to pass thru the skin. Have been found to derange DNA in cells.

BEWARE: I tried a natural mineral sunscreen (Australian brand) that containes the preservative Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate............I applied lightly to my face and within a few minutes noticed an intense burning and bright redness appear, similar to 3 hours in the hot sun. It took me a while to uncover the problem as I had just bought a new face cream. This nasty chemical is known to cause burning, irritation of the skin. Imagine applying that to your young child\'s face!! NEVER USE THIS.

3. Useful contacts: Soleo organics all natural sunscreen...sold thru my clinic and online. Slightly oily but great for the over 40\'s skin. Try www.ecoshopperth.com to purchase the Wotnot organic sunscreen. Both of these have all natural preservatives including vit E and some herbs. Also, www.organicsaustralia.com.au to order either soleo or Wotnot sunscreen. These are the safest I have found so far!!