September 2014

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sneezeWhen the mock orange is in full bloom we know spring is in full swing. And then the sneezing!! Spring is a time of change in our environment and as humans we need to be able to adapt to those changes. If your allergies are getting the best of you and you can’t enjoy this beautiful time of year, there are a few things you can try. Reduce your exposure to mould. Hydrogen peroxide and water easily removes mould and kills surface mould. Reduce sugars and processed foods, drink super green drinks daily, take antioxidants, use Vit C powder twice daily to increase your natural immune system strength and introduce a short course of probiotics for gut health. The bugs in the bowel rule us! Michelle Blum, our very experienced Acupuncturist, also offers advice and help each Tuesday at 398 Tarragindi Rd for conditions such a sinus, fatigue, pain management, allergies and much more. Her phone number is 0410 642 360. Wholistic and total health care is the way to go.


Forgetting is the new Normal – Time Magazine May 2008

super grannyApparently we lose between 30,000-50,000 brain cells every single day. So that is why we misplace car keys and reading glasses as we age! One of the contributing factors seems to be a build up of unwanted calcium in the bloodstream that negatively affects nerve signalling leading to cognitive decline. Heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium and cadmium cripple brain function and other body systems as well. However, a novel compound found in Jellyfish has been developed which binds to the extra calcium floating around the body thereby protecting the health of the brain and nerve cells! I have a few simpler techniques for preserving brain function should any of you wish to know. There still seems to be an over-prescriptive approach to taking high levels of calcium and Vit D supplements which is of great concern as this is neither a safe nor sound biological practice. Make a time to have a consultation regarding this very important issue and I promise we won’t be taking jellyfish capsules. Ageing and our brain function deserves more understanding and care.


Speaking of Simple Chemistry

Sometimes a home-grown product comes along with appeal, common sense and character and this is one. A client of the clinic has worked for two years on developing a great nontoxic powder/cream deodorant that really works! Her aim was to help women with breast cancer find something a bit different that had no aluminium which could be used safely. She has done it with her “Simple Chemistry” deodorant. Based on bicarb, coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, tapioca with no parabens or aluminium, it even works on the sweatiest blokes and the smelliest teenagers. Visit Trial size now available. Give Erika a call and try some for yourself.


Quick Tip

Grill Your Meat Healthy...........if you love a bbq but fear the potential carcinogens that come with chargrilled meat, throw in some of the brassica vegs (broccoli, cauliflower or brussel sprouts) with your meal as they detoxify the mutagenic amines formed by heating meat, rendering it less harmful.


Men’s Health – A Snapshot

menI would like to treat so many more men in clinic than I already do as I believe they are missing out on some critical health care. Two nutrients that stand out for promoting male physiology are the minerals selenium and zinc. They are involved in hundreds of bodily processes including prostate health, sperm health and assisting fertility. They are also critical for everyone in the transformation of thyroid hormones, hence wellbeing, weight management and energy. I have noticed amongst male clients a big decline in sperm production/motility in their test results over the recent years together with lower levels of testosterone. Both are linked but both can be enhanced. Send the men to the best wholistic wellness clinic in Brisbane and have them properly and carefully assessed by us. Men need to experience their own testosterone to feel well and if it’s too low they don’t feel right within themselves. A simple saliva test or blood test will determine this level. Low testosterone in men can lead to fatigue, weight gain, depression and disinterest in life. Call the clinic on 073848 9800 for an appointment.


Happiness or Havoc..........don’t let Hormones rule your Life

granny cartoonHormones highlight important influences and markers that, if left unattended or undiagnosed, can leave you swinging from happiness to havoc. One of the most obvious markers is the redistribution of weight and weight gain. If this is you, then perhaps a simple effective saliva hormone test might give a clue as to the balance of your hormones. These are available through our clinic.

This is an answer from a high school science student some years ago:
Q: What happens to your body as you age? A: When you get old, so do your bowels and you get intercontinental. (Great, save thousands on airfares!)

Hormones do have a role to play in urinary tract health, bladder function and sometimes bowel health as well. A complete digestive stool analysis is a fantastic tool we use in clinic to determine the causes of bowel bloat, potential parasite infestation, constipation, diarrhea and dosing of probiotics. It is also a useful marker for bowel cancer issues. If you are having trouble in this area, please come in and talk with us as the gut and digestion need to be optimised to achieve ongoing optimal health and energy. You are only as old as you feel. We have a great new preventative treatment now available for urinary tract infections.


Back in Stock

The hard copy of my book, “Woman to Woman” is now back in stock after a 5th print run. You can purchase this or an e-book version on my website at



healthy eatingBrisbane Organic Growers are running their Organic Fair, Sunday 12 October from 9am to 3pm at 102 McDonald Road, Windsor.



Zonta is a fantastic women’s support group for the marginalised and disenfranchised of us in the community. They make the famous breast cushions for women who have had a mastectomy and these cushions are distributed to a few hospitals here in Brisbane. They also do care packs for women in need and I am putting a call out for any unused hotel soaps or normal soaps/shampoos/conditioners/ unused personal washers/unused toothpaste etc to be dropped off at our clinic. The Zonta ladies spend their spare time doing up beautiful gift packs and then send them to women’s shelters and others in dire need. Can you help? Please call me first to arrange a drop off time.


Fear is the door to the unknown. Unbolt that door.

doorA simple and gentle technique for releasing fear is as simple as breathing in while repeating silently, “I breathe in love” and “I let go fear” (on the out breath). Practice often through the day and before bed. Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse of impossibility.............. See you in clinic! Keep happy.

HEALTH e-NEWS with Kim Balson, Naturopath 1

Welcome to our first e-news on all things good, wholesome, healthy, hearty and useful. The e-news is a new format for our clinic to deliver information within the allied wholistic health industry. It is not a weekly or fortnightly news. It will simply be there to read on your computer as it appears every few weeks or so. We say ‘Let life flow and let go’. We hope you bring an open mind and a sense of humour as you find a cup of beautiful fragrant herb tea or organic coffee to sit and relax for 5 mins whilst you enjoy some health e-news. In this issue:


What we do for you in clinic at Moorooka

naturopathyTreatments extend across a broad range as follow:
* For women: PMT, menopause,mood, depression, weight, energy, bowel and digestive disorders, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid imbalance, arthritis, skin conditions, sleep
* conditions, cholesterol, back and neck pain
* For Men: Weight, depression, libido, mood, lethargy, disinterest in life, snoring, bowel, adrenal exhaustion, diets to suit, cholesterol
* Teenagers: As above
* Children: Allergies, diet, behaviour, skin rashes, asthma, food allergy testing IgG and IgE and sleep
* Expertise in: Naturopathy, herbs, iridology, nutrition and diet, acupuncture, reflexology, remedial and sports massage, counselling

▪ Naturopathy offers complete health care management. It looks at the total wellbeing of the person, not just the cause.

▪ The benefits to you then become long lasting and life-changing. The principals of sound health care management date back well over 2000 yrs and work to restore the body's natural vital energy patterning rather than creating more problems through poor treatment strategies.

▪ Many symptoms can spring from the following areas that are not functioning properly: digestive/gut, hormone, nervous, lifestyle/diet.


Who’s New:

The clinic now offers the expertise of local Acupuncturist, Michelle Blum. She has a vast knowledge base and I often refer clients to her for fertility issues such as stimulating egg release for healthy conception, preventing miscarriage and for pain and injury management whether it be from a sporting injury or back pain from gardening. Most of us have our weak spots. For a little while she is offering 1/2price for your first treatment together with a free individualised health report on how well you are ageing, muscle mass and cell health. Wow. The things you will learn. Call Michelle on 0410642360. She practices from our clinic at 398 Tarragindi Rd, Moorooka, every Tuesday and some evenings.


What's New:

After 12 years and 3 editions later my book, “Woman to Woman”, is now available as an e-book for easy download onto your ipad/computer or laptop. For access, visit I am hoping many of you will direct friends and loved ones to read more on the huge role hormones play in our lives, how they govern mind, body and emotions. If you have young women in your family, it is a must read. Please!!


Anyone for Juicing??

juicingThe clinic is now a listed distributor for the brilliant Compact Juicers as seen on several Masterchef Masterclass tv shows recently. Choice magazine reviewed them in 2009 and said they “Out Juiced the Rest”. Being cold pressed, your life saving juices will last for 2 days with almost 100% active enzyme activity still present. The fast commercial juices cannot deliver this and so goodness and therapy is lost. They also puree, mince, make sausages, dressings, dips, make pasta, juice wheatgrass and make nut butters but be prepared to stand and do a bit more chopping of veges and fruits. We can’t use whole fruits at a time. A small trade off for maximum benefit!! Price is $279.00 plus $20 delivery which takes only 2 days. Call the clinic on 07 3848 9800 or 0412 496 125 if you wish us to place an order for you.


Interesting things to know about the body:

Acid that is strong enough to dissolve Metal

Your digestive system is saturated with gastric juices that are key to digesting the foods you eat, and when hydrogen combines with chloride inside your stomach it creates hydrochloric acid (HCL) -- yes, that's the same hydrochloric acid used in fertilizers, dyes and, as it turns out, in the fracking process.
If the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve metal, which it is (it's also used in electroplating), why doesn't your stomach digest itself? You can thank mucus for that. Mucus coats the lining of your stomach, protecting it from being broken down along with everything in your stomach. Thanks, mucus!



As many of you know, we treat many people including children, with allergies and only use the very best labs for testing. But have you also thought about the impact MSG (common chemical food enhancer)is making to our health? It causes severe dryness of the mouth, heart palpitations, neurological disturbances and in some can kick start allergic responses with repressed airways and skin disorders. It has never been safety tested for human use. So in order to make it a little easier for you I have compiled a list of ingredients that WILL ALWAYS CONTAIN MSG......
Autolysed yeast, glutamate, textured protein, yeast nutrient, calcium caseinate, glutamic acid, yeast extract, gelatine, hydrolysed protein, sodium caseinate, yeast food.
Foods include most soups, salad dressings, processed meats, frozen entrees, ice cream, and frozen yogurt, in some crackers, bread, canned tuna, and very often in "low fat" and "no fat" foods to make up for flavor lost when fat is reduced or eliminated. It can be found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and dietary supplements. It is found in enteral feeding products and in infant formula. It is found in vaccines -- including vaccines used on children. It is found in hospitals where it is hidden in the jelly, chicken soup, and some I V solutions given to very sick patients. Its use is without restriction.



healthy eatingAre you a human being or a human doing?
As many of you know weight loss often occurs as a result of balancing out the body. It is a fantastic side benefit of a healthy body as many of you have already experienced. But did you know wonderful Harvard Medical School, USA, has found it you walk briskly for 30 mins for five days per week and change nothing else, you will lose 1/2kg in 3 weeks.
Now if you alter your diet and cut back the calories by 250 a day you will lose 1/2kg in 2 weeks. BUT WAIT, there’s MORE! By combining both, you will lose 1/2kg(half)PER WEEK. So who would like to start up a local walking group??


Hunting a recipe:

I am looking for a fantastic recipe for a flourless, dairy free (butter ok) rich chocolate cake with low sugar. I will substitute with Xylitol for the sugar. I know the Europeans have great recipes for this style of cake but does anyone have a simple easy one they could share? Something tried and tested would be great.


To finish:

relaxThe current great 14th Dalai Lama has said, “The principal characteristic of genuine happiness is peace: Inner Peace”. Amen.
And a great line from one of Leonard Cohen’s songs says, “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”.
Strive to be happy! It is our natural state of being.