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Managing your hormones safely and naturally by Kim Balson N.D. Naturopath (Hons)

The experiences of many of my patients has spurred me on to write an easy to read, 100-page handbook on how to manage problems as menopause, PMS, mood swings, weight gain, memory loss, period problems and teenage hormonal issues. You will discover the heart of many of these conditions is a simple problem of estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency which can be effectively remedied once natural progesterone levels are increased and estrogen levels adjusted.


Woman to WomanIt is a book written in a personal style and is naturopathically based and strongly challenges the modern medical approach of “disease- rating and drug-basing” normal hormonal transitions common to every woman, from problems in puberty, pre and post menopause and menopause itself. Each and every one of us will go through at least one hormonal difficulty in our lifetime but is often difficult to make the link back to the cause. My book helps in uncovering some of these triggers and provides a step by step restorative approach to revitalising wellness and balance within your mind and body.


This book has been written with you in mind but it is the sort of book that could benefit your daughter, your mother, your best friend. In short, it is a self-help book aimed at any woman who has reached puberty and beyond. Not forgetting your partner, I have included a chapter for men which will help them understand how to handle hormonally-related problems that impact on the relationship.

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