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Overview of Services Offered - 0412 496 125

The phone call

When you contact Kim via email or phone 0412 496 125 to discuss an appointment there is no obligation to go ahead with it. During this initial call Kim will assess what sort of information she will need when seeing you.


Preparation for an appointment

Before seeing patients (by appointment only) Kim will often ask you to email specific details such as eating habits, medical history etc.. so that she can research before discussing solutions with you.


The appointment

The first appointment with Kim normally lasts an hour. During this meeting Kim will make recommendations on the best course of action to achieve the most thorough outcome. All instructions are written up for the client and any recommended product is clearly discussed. This initial meeting costs $95 and some of that cost is covered by private insurance if you have it. (Please note: a $50 fee will be rendered for two consecutive appointments missed and not notified 24hrs in advance).


Follow Up

Patients normally meet to discuss their progress with Kim after a few weeks.This follow up meeting lasts about half an hour and costs $75.00.



Kim does take all major credit cards (excepting American Express) and you are able to claim much of this cost against your Private Insurance cover.



Yes, Kim does give massages and has studied Bowen therapy and is an expert in treating problems related to the lymphatic system (she often lectures her peers in this area).



Children are welcome in her clinic and there is a box of toys to keep them occupied. Many of Kim's clients are children.



Kim does not only treat women and is happy to assist men, women and children of all ages for any health related problems.


Kim's book

Kims' best selling book "Woman to Woman" is an acclaimed easy-to-read handbook on treating hormonal issues naturally. Her book is now available through this website as an e-book. Purchase now for $19.99.